Not a fan of Tuesday!

New week. New rules. New goals.

I always feel like giving up on Tuesday nights.

No doubt, my friends are sick of listening to (reading) my endless “irrational” texts.

It’s easy when I have yoga. I feel balanced, relaxed, content and food becomes effortless.

Days without yoga leave anorexia standing alone to do as she wishes (i.e. restrict. Restrict. RESTRICT).

Tuesdays mean no yoga, raging anorexia, and overwhelmingly impossible new objectives grapple with and projects to work through.

Visit any mall, the world is full of skinny, beautiful people. Tuesday should antagonize one of them instead!

~ Teenie ANGRY Yogini

P.S- and to the list of impossible goals “you are an adult, sit like one! No more W’s!”

P.P.S- W sitting is acceptable while in Fixed-firm though.


2 thoughts on “Not a fan of Tuesday!

  1. No Tuesday yoga?! Sometimes when I can’t make Bikram I do one round in a sweat suit and hat in my house. It’s fun to remebe the poses on my own and feels good. Obviously you can’t get as deep without the heat but it’s a great alternative to no yoga.

    • Maybe I will try that! When I was a kid I would crank up our space heaters in my bathroom or go up to the attic to practice. Tonight, I just sat around like steaming, angry, great big W, agonizing over the week to come. Your idea sounds way more fulfilling!

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