Yoga Fuel?

Brave yogini eating…. Practice should be interesting tonight.


My teammates cheered when I walked into the office. 1st time they’ve ever seen me eat. They asked what changed and I said I wanted to gain some weight. They all ran over and started telling me their favorite ways to gain weight and they knew I could do it, and that if I needed help just ask and good job and stuff.


8 thoughts on “Yoga Fuel?

  1. Ah! So these are your fries. They look delicious and totally perfect for gaining weight. I did not know you were/had been anorexic. I have so much respect for you openly blogging about your experiences with anorexia and your path back to health. I am anorexic too. It developed – or came on – when I was about 14/15. I’m a healthy weight right now, and have been for awhile, but the mindset is always there. I always think of a Simpsons episode where Lisa was portrayed as being anorexic. She refused to eat dinner, and Marge demanded she eat something, so she eat a tiny bite of a carrot. Then she said, “Great. Now I can’t have toothpaste tonight.” Yeah – I understood that! Anyways, it’s a tough road, but you can make it!

  2. Aw, darlin. I found your blog through your kind “like” on my post.

    I am SO SO proud of the step you took. Of course it would make for a terrible class, but that is not what it is about. You took a step forward to fight and that is so brave. How did you feel during the class emotionally?

    You are priceless. Remember to remind yourself of that today. Change your self talk to call yourself beautiful, sweetheart, honey, etc. Be kind to yourself. And keep being strong.

    Much love. If you need anything, just email.

    • Hi. Thank you!
      I have been reading your blog for a long time šŸ™‚

      I was pissed in class. I do not like practicing poorly! I was also freaking out a little bit, because I really do understand the cardiovascular risks with having a really low BMI.

      Interestingly, as I walked out to the lobby, sulking, the teacher caught me to tell me “good class” I was like “dude, I don’t know what kind of yoga planet you just fell off of. But that class was the pits.” We talked for a little bit about the workshop that we both went to last Friday… Then he gave me the coveted, super secret, advanced schedule!!!!! I’ve been dying to get to take advanced for FIFTEEN YEARS!

      The invite kind of made up for the fries, and makes me even more motivated to learn how to eat in a way that will positively fuel my practice. I can eat my weight in spinach, have a rock solid class and still lose at the end of the day. There’s gotta be something between French fries and spinach.

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