I DID IT!!!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!

I survived my first Advanced Class!!!!
I was warmly welcomed to the group, tried hard, learned A LOT, exceeded my expectations! Our local Champion was leading. She is just the sweetest, plus she signs! She I’m pretty good at following along, but she interpreted everything (that we had reasonable signs for) and it was nice, extra security, for my first time.

The studio owner didn’t stay, but before leaving she winked and said she was happy to have me.

So, really, everything I was worried about, ended up just fine. I just need to work on building some (ok, LOTS of) arm strength, and I have a feeling the rest will come, just like Beginning series, came slowly and naturally with consistency and the commitment to “try right”.

This studio is gorgeous and on the 2nd floor, overlooking the water, and palm trees waving in the windows. There is a dentist’s office on the first floor, and every time I practice here, I wonder if the can smell us, have to run their air cooler to compensate for our heaters, and if they can hear us falling out. I also have this funny, inside my head picture of their ceiling “leaking” during exceptionally drippy classes.

I am still in total shock. I can’t believe I FINALLY did it not just once, but will get to with regularity!

*I really need a WayMat though! My towel was sliding all over my mat.


3 thoughts on “I DID IT!!!!!

  1. Yeah! Congrats on your first advanced class. I’m taking advanced today and can’t wait. You’ll be surprised how quickly you improve if you go once a week. I also need to build up some arm strength, but there’s lots of things on my yoga to-do list. I figure it’ll come with time. 🙂

  2. I am glad it went well! I am always amazed at just how much yoga there is in advanced! I think I am the opposite of you – I have loads of arm strength but I couldn’t do a full camel if you pointed a gun at my head. It is, as others have said, just like beginner in the sense that if you are consistent you WILL see improvements. (Not as fast as *I* would like, but ah well.)

    • On the break, between classes, the other girls were joking about masking how I managed to finagle an Advanced Class invite with those scrawny match stick arms.

      My full camel has been the pits lately. As I’ve gotten older I’m increasingly afraid of backbending, it’s weird. It might also have something to do with acquiring one of those real life grown-up type desk job things where I join the masses of inflexible adults in hunching over a keyboard day in and day out.

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