Tomorrow is the big day!


Tomorrow is THE big day!!! I’ve been waiting more than half my life for this moment and it’s FINALLY here!!!


Nope! Bikram Advanced Class!!! I’m sooo nervous! I’ve read every blog I can find… I’m not expecting to go in and rock it or anything.

My goals:
* Appreciate the moment, I have devoted hours, upon hours, upon years for this.
* I am ALREADY successful, my goal was to be invited to advanced, not be perfect at it.
* To try as much as possible
* To watch and be inspired by others who love this yoga with the same depth and passion as myself

Tonight I went for a short skate, stretched gently, picked out clothes, washed extra towels, fixed a light dinner and I’m already in bed with the lights off (it’s only 8pm). I am intentionally falling asleep with a bit of a caloric deficit to make sure I don’t wake up with a heavy tummy in the morning. Tomorrow, I’ll fuel up with a small yoga-safe breakfast of citrus, peanut butter and, of course… Skittles (I have 6 before every practice)!!!


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