My job is not going to let me have the time to practice… Even though she SAID she would before I gained all the damn weight!

I’d rather starve.


7 thoughts on “POINTLESS!

  1. Hey there, teenieyogini!

    I just found my way over here from Leigh’s blog. You do not NEED Bikram yoga classes to practice your yoga. You can practice your yoga in your head, or on your own, or however it works for you. Believe me, I’m the queen of work not leaving any time for yoga classes. I try to practice my yoga in my head, aiming for balance, love, and kindness, toward myself and others, even when I cannot do the postures. Yes, I’d rather practice more at the Bikram studio, but I do what I can to stay connected to the yoga.

    Try not to let it frustrate you. You’re in this yoga life for the long run.

    Best wishes!

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