I’m at home. My childhood home. I have taken to driving down twice a month or so, to take classes at my home studio. I don’t exactly dislike and of the teachers/studios in my current town… There’s just no place like home.

A few things make this studio unique:
* I’ve known the owner since I was FIVE!!! She was my gymnastics teacher and knows me and my body and my personality unlike anyone else. She really knows how to push and motivate me.
* They have been teaching a long time and are able to give a lot of feedback and correction and even physical adjustments during class.
* They are family focused and just awesome.

Several months ago, when I started coming home, I was fishing for an advanced invite, and she told me my body was ready, but I wouldn’t be invited until I could love myself and everyone in the room the same…. In other words, no anorexics in advanced.

Last night, I took back to back doubles. And was still laughing and having a good time at the end of the 3rd hour. After class, she invited me to stay for advanced the next morning!!!!

I was telling her about my job and gaining weight to I could take advanced regularly, then my boss changing her mind and being completely devastated.

She was like
Dude. You are STRONG. Your practice is off the hook! You just pulled off GOOD doubles after a 3 hour drive! Don’t worry. Trust the universe. You gained, get stable. It’ll work out. But, most importantly, KEEP PRACTICING!

She is obviously right.

I stayed for advanced today. I can already feel my body changing. It was easier, stronger and more fun this time. I was able to push up into a forearm stand from a headstand. Kick up into a hand stand, on the wall, then tip off the wall and hold by myself for two minutes. All of my blocking and fingerstanding and handstand homework is ALREADY paying off! It’s sooo cool! My body is completely amazing! I am totally in love with it right now!

I can also headstand without hands!



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