A first!

Today I took my FOURTH Advanced class! I love feeling like a new kid all over again. I love to push myself. And I really love the friendly, supportive, interactive atmosphere that it creates. Today, we got distracted somewhere around Plow, and decided to go straight to inversions. Then just ended up playing around. It was neat to just experiment with the yoga, encourage each other and be inspired by the strengths that each person brought into the room with them.

On the way home, I suddenly wanted avocado. So I swung into Publix. The avocados didn’t look plate ready, they all needed more time. So I settled for some guac. I also got Brie and bell peppers. At home, I heated a veggie burger. While it was nuking I spread a little bit if guac and Brie on a tortilla, then shredded the heated patty and topped with peppers.

I LIKED IT! I liked it so much I decided to skip 6:30 class so I could eat a 2nd wrap. Eating has never ever been pleasurable for me. It’s just a horrible necessary chore. But, today I was all set to go hard core Thanksgiving, unbutton my pants stuff myself then pass out from all the food. This is a new experience for me. I think it’s pretty cool.



6 thoughts on “A first!

  1. This looks absolutey delicious!!! Sometimes it’s fine to give yourself a treat. I think it’s all about listening to your body and enjoying your food! By the way, thanks a lot for the add! alisaminina.com is my research blog, I also have a yoga blog on wordpress – journeyintoyoga.me 🙂

  2. i am forever suffering the curse of the unripe avocados! and it never happens when i’m just out grocery shopping–only when i am overcome with the sudden urge to devour avocados. that looks super tasty, and it’s always fantastic to accidentally discover something that tastes so good you just want to keep on eating it. yay for guacamole to the rescue!

      • i didn’t really like them until a couple of years ago, and now i love them. they make a great smoothie – blend avocado, yogurt, a little honey or preferred sweetener, a few ice cubes, and the milk of your choice (i like almond milk with it). sounds weird, but it’s delicious.

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