Changing so fast!!!

I have so much to say! And my thoughts are bounding all over the place. So, I’m apologizing in advance if this seems disjointed.

I am still COMPLETELY mystified by food, eating, taste, texture, and all of the social nuances that accompany this strange human pastime.

But. I’m paying attention to my body. Well, trying anyway- It’s really hard for the little person who HATES food to just pick up the habit.

I have been experiencing really intense muscle spasms for the past several days. I can separate myself from pain, and I can ignore annoying, but this has been freaking me out. I know that the destruction I have imposed on my body is immense and won’t instantly vanish just because I hit that magical 18.5 BMI green line. I feel strongly that these spasms are related to electrolytes but couldn’t figure out where to get more info. So, late last night. I asked my BFF- who happens to be a doctor. 20130125-235451.jpg
ice skating with my BFF

She agrees that it was related to electrolytes, and told me to research Refeeding Syndrome… That’s some scary shit. I tried drinking poweraid, but LOATHE the taste and the excessive sugar immediately makes me feel ill. So I Googled some DIY options and left work to gather some supplies. I mixed coconut milk, lemon, lime, cara-cara, salt and water in my blender bottle with a little squeeze of honey for sweetness and enzymes. It was pretty yummy, and the spasms, while still present, were greatly subdued. But the chunks from the coconut milk freaked me out a little bit. Next time I would just use coconut water instead.

I’ve been wanting all kinds of different foods, stuff I have never tried or never liked. And I’m eating all of it, all the time. All the while getting skinnier and skinnier and gaining weight at warp speed! I am all ribs and biceps these days!

Oh yeah, and boobs!

People seem more worried about me now, solidly within “normal”, than when I weighed significantly less a few weeks ago. I’m getting really strong!

I piked into this headstand (core instead of kicking) for the first time today! I am REALLY proud of myself!

I really love seeing how the thing I eat immediately affect my practice. It’s not just food it’s “Yoga Fuel”, this distinction makes eating easier for me to deal with. Food is psychological and emotional and makes people fat. Fuel keeps the machine operable and in optimal condition.

How do you fuel your workouts???

Working on splits and enjoying the sunshine


5 thoughts on “Changing so fast!!!

  1. Personally I’d opt for the milk rather than water as you’re going to get more out of it nutritionally, and you’ve done exactly the right thing adding the salt and honey to make up for the stuff that the xxx-aid drinks give you.You can always strain the chunks out if the coconut triggers a “freak out”, or you can blend in some berries and ice which can make the little coconut “floaters” seem more normal within the drink itself.

    Nice photo BTW – the self portrait in the mirror I mean. If you hadn’t mentioned the “A”-word in another post, I wouldn’t have known just by looking, so it seems you must be doing something right. 🙂

  2. When I had muscle cramps recently it was because I had low potassium. This is just something I know about myself in relation to practicing Bikram. It’s happened before. So I upped my potassium intake. I also take elete tablytes which replaces a lot of electolytes and nutrients. I put propel powder in my water for class. I like it better than gatorade and poweraid.

    • Where do you find those?
      I am allergic to aspartame (anaphylactic), so most powder-add-to-water things are not an option.

      I think it’s an imbalance with the electrolyte phosphorus, more than potassium.

  3. I love ElectroMix by Emergen-C as a electrolyte supplement, because it is not so ridiculously sweet as others. I don’t believe it contains aspertame, because I remember that the sweetener they use was stevia. I can’t seem to find the ingredients now, so I would contact the company. They are really great about replying! Here’s the product:

    Another way to get electrolytes in is through fruit. I drink 1-2 green smoothies daily. They’re great for before class as they are not heavy in the stomach, and they’re equally great for after class. (I’m trying to wean off the coconut water.)

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