Anorexia? There’s an app for that!

Forget The Y. Forget expensive, dietitian consults. Forget eating nothing but peanut butter… I got me an iPhone app!

This is what the home screen looks like, discreet, and relaxing

It’s called RR. It stands for something (I keep forgetting what), but the app makers were kind enough to make it so only “RR” shows on the screen. It’s kind of cool, has food tracking without screaming “DIET DIET DIET” like other apps out there, can be linked with multiple members of the treatment team who can view and comment real time (however, I don’t currently have this feature enabled), sends reminders at meal times, flashes positive affirmations every time you use it, sets goals, and you earn mp3s for meeting them.

So far, my favorite part is clicking the “yes” on “did you skip this meal”


And, you still get the prizes just for logging in, even for poking YES!


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