Introducing AVERY!!!

I thought I should introduce my soulmate, best friend, sidekick, one true love… Whatever you wish to call it, but I usually just call her Avery.


As you can see, she’s really cool, loves to play dress-up. She’s a certified therapy dog and canine good citizen. Avery spent a lot of time alone after that bitch “Ana” sucked me into her clique of mindless bimbos like “Self-Loathing” and “Workout-’till-you-pass-out”.

But, I’ve dumped the ditzes, and Avery Apple has forgiven my lapse in good sense. Right now, we are here




And making big plans. We decided to try Couch to 5K together. It’ll be nice and easy for both of us. And a good, guided, exploration of moderation and slow, consistent progress. It might even test our commitment and dedication. No one hates running as much as we do.


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