Scott. Scott. Scott. (The Bikram Bunny)

Our studio has a new teacher. I’ve taken his class a few times now, and just really love the guy. His passion for the yoga is tangible. He’s got a great voice, subtle sense of humor, knows the dialogue the way only someone who lives and believes it completely can, and delivers all of it with a gentle softness you don’t often find at the front of the hot room. I might find him too gentle if he were to teach everyday. But it is refreshing and wonderful on Friday afternoons.

Tonight there was a new guy (Scott).The teacher set him up right behind me, and the-quiet-girl-with-the-most-beautiful-practice, and told him “if you get lost, just follow them.” It started with the breathing, all the elbows in the room went up… And Scott’s went down. He clenched his hands tightly together, then made the can’t-open-this-jar face at himself in the mirror trying to pry them apart. Half-moon was uneventful. Then, we got to awkward… And that’s when the hopping started! The poor dude must be made of springs. The dialog says “sit down” the room goes down… While Scott goes up. Eagle, same thing. On the mat, off the mat. Front of the mat. Back of the mat. I seriously have never seen anyone HOPPING in eagle pose. I wanted to turn around and be like “dude, just untangle yourself, catch your balance, then start over.” Party time. Standing head to knee… Ever done it on a trampoline? I bet Scott could! By standing bow, I started getting annoyed. I’m soooo close to locking out and it was not gonna happen with the spring-king behind me… But I laughed instead. Laughed at our wonderful sweet teacher trying so hard to offer achievable directions to help Scott overcome his obvious gravity crisis. And I laughed at Scott hopping and grinning away behind me. I could always lock out tomorrow.

So we bounced right on through the class. And as soon as we finished the final breathing, laid down for about 18 seconds… And suddenly Scott was up and shouting “hey! That was great! Can we do the whole thing again? Like RIGHT. NOW?”

It was so cute and reminded me of the importance just loving my practice.


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