The Great White Dork

It’s simply gorgeous outside. Gabriel woke up at 6:30, screaming. I had planned to leave at 7 for yoga doubles at 8 and 10. But instead I played with Gabe.


He’s had a heard life and can be challenging at times. He’s a 90lb Argentinian mastiff with poor social skills, he’s got incredible night inhibition and no aggressive issues at all, he’s just huge and excitable and LOUD. He tends to knock me over a lot, and can be frustrating. But this morning,


He just wanted to hold my hand.

It is nearly impossible not to love Gabriel Garbanzo Grape, just look at that face!



8 thoughts on “The Great White Dork

  1. What a cutie! Is he a rescue? We got out second pug, Max (age 9), from Pug Rescue last May. We’re getting him started with an animal behavorial therapist in about two weeks. His issues are minor, but we think we could make his life better if we could learn some training tips specific to dogs that have been abused and neglected.

    • Yes. He was rescued from a horrible situation. We actually know a lot about the 2 years he spent there, but nothing at all about his life before that. He has been assessed by one of the most respected behaviorists in the world. Everything we do with him is carefully planned and rehab oriented. even, simple things like eating and going potty are done as part of his behavior plan. Some of the issues he came with were heartbreaking, his behavior can be maddening, and he has forced us to really take a step back from ourselves, detach from our own discomfort, accept that he truly can’t help it and learn to love and support him without condition.

      I’m so happy to hear that you, not only rescued, but rescued an older adult dog and are now taking steps to give him the most positive and comfortable life possible! As a rescuer, this fills me with the greatest warm fuzzies and bloggy love for you, and Max! I know you will have great success with behavior therapy.

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