Standing Head to Knee

Standing head to knee… My absolute nemesis. I’ve been working on it for about half my life and JUST started kicking out about a month ago. I can now do that pretty consistently and have been working on getting the heel forward more. Tonight it all just kind of happened, almost effortlessly, balance, focus, flexibility all aligned in my favor.


JC shows off his standing head to knee.

I’ve practiced with JC tons of times, but tonight was my first time taking his class. He operates a lot like Joseph, really long class with a bunch of little mini lessons, really interactive, encouraged questions during class, moved around, made corrections… I was totally impressed.

So anyway. Standing head to knee pretty much fell into place for me tonight, both legs were locked, toes flexed, elbows down- check, check, check. I was so shocked and excited, I couldn’t stop grinning at myself in the mirror! All of a sudden JC was beside me going “HEY! Keep going! Stop making faces at yourself. Forehead to knee!” So, of course, I laughed, and then fell out before trying. But I’m ok with that. Standing head to knee is the one posture I have always been convinced I’d never ever ever “get”. Then BAM! Out of nowhere, it just shows up! I can’t wait to get back to the hot room to try it again!!!!


4 thoughts on “Standing Head to Knee

    • Thank you!!!
      Awkward and Stick are my least favorite. Actually, I hate stick!
      Standing head to knee, just never made any sense to me. I have watched so many new people come and kick out the first day or week, and then I’m there, front row, standing on one foot, still trying to lock the knee. I’m glad to hear there is adoration potential in the future with this one!

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