HAPPY V-day to ME!!!!

I ate today. And did some yoga (that sucked). I obsessed about weight. And calories. Worked. Stood on my head…

But none of that really matters, because RILIND IS HERE!!!!!!


Rilind is my soulmate, my best friend, and the love of my life. He is my muse. My inspiration. And my every happy. The stars, planets, universe and fate worked some magical alignment to gift us with each other, in a relationship so epic we were able to reach out and touch lives all over the world. Together, Rilind and I shared our simple message to love first, approach every situation with compassion, accept without judgement, and understand that things aren’t always as they seem.


Does this picture make you angry? Do you feel an overwhelming urge to lash out? Is hate boiling over in your stomach right now? Are you struck by the desire seek justice for this voiceless dog? If so, you are not alone. I promise. But your energies would be wasted. No one intentionally starved this dog.


He has a disease called EPI- his body doesn’t produce the enzymes needed to digest food. He was eating 12 cans of food a day, and starving to death, before he was diagnosed.

Through his Facebook page, we have connected with thousands of people all over the world. And last April, we connected with someone extra, who would eventually become his forever mom. She has so much respect and understanding for the connection that Rilind and I share. He is never more than a text message away. When I want to see him, she brings him to me… And when she goes on vacation, Rilind comes to camp at my house.


The time together makes us so happy, that nothing else really matters.


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