Victoria. Victoria! Victoria?

Hi. My name is Victoria… Actually, it’s not. But if you are going to help me with my standing head to knee, I’ll gladly answer to anything… just as soon as I figure out that you are, in fact, directing alllll of those wonderful corrections at me.

So, Teenie seems to have caught a little bit of Leigh’s Yoga Hole lately. But it’s all good because “Victoria” had a rockin’ class tonight! Standing head to knee is still coming right along and I’m sooo surprised and excited every single time I kick out! My hamstrings are, and always have been, extremely tight. Flexing the toes back literally makes me want to cry, scream out, grunt, and/or make ugly faces at myself in the mirror… But I try to keep this in check. And even though it hurts, I’m so proud that I CAN do it, I’m motivated to keep trying.

Standing bow is also super super close to locking out. I get extremely distracted by the dialogue though, worry too much about making corrections and fall out, rush back in to keep trying, then end up all stressed and shaky falling all over the place. Maybe that will improve with time??? *shrug*

Standing separate leg head to floor, is another one that just kind of showed up out of nowhere last Friday, in a grand moment of “WTF! My head just hit the floor! My knees must be bent. Are they bent? Nope! Locked, knee caps up. Hmm.” I am COMPLETELY mystified by the whole “put your arms on your shins” thing though. Every time I try, I end up falling forward in a crazy straddle tuck and roll fiasco. Really, who falls out of a posture with head, two feet and TEN fingers all on the floor??? Teenie, AND Victoria, that’s who! On Sunday, the teacher moved my arms for me, and I stayed just fine. Which leads me to believe that the balance, flexibility and strength are all ready, I’m just suffering from some kind of brain to body disconnect and can’t figure out how to put myself there!

Hmm. It’s interesting. I’ve just blabbed on and on about all kinds of improvements happening in my practice, but I still feel yoga hole-y. I’ve not been my usual happy, smily, I love this yoga and sweat with a perma-grin, self lately. And I leave class feeling sore and tired instead of euphoric and strong. I’m just going with it for now, this is yoga practice, not yoga perfect, after all, right? But really folks, cross your 14 major joints, and twist like ropes that loving happy yoga finds me (or Victoria) soon!

PS- I still have some “Practice 4 John” left on my feet. I like it.


2 thoughts on “Victoria. Victoria! Victoria?

  1. Standing head to knee is, well, very challenging for me too. I shall also share with you something that made me giggle: In the setup for the first set of standing bow, if the teacher says, “Say, mama give me money,”, I always, ALWAYS, have to stop myself from saying, “Mama, give me chocolate.” In fact, last night I was SURE the teacher was going to tell us to say that instead!

    • Hahaha!!! That’s a riot! I haven’t listened to the dialogue to the set up in… Forever! I partly go to this weird bow place where I don’t really notice anyone or anything while setting up. The other part is, I HATE standing there, holding the foot with my arm up f o r e v e r, it makes me tired before even getting into it, so I used to try to look “spacey” then be like oh shoot! I didn’t even notice we started! I did it intentionally so much, that it’s now kind of an ingrained “brain break” built into my practice. Whoops.

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