Pretty close to perfect!

For today, at least, everything I did, worked and it felt amazing.

Last night I fell asleep really negative. I can NEVER make up enough calories to cover doubles. But, I’m at a point in my practice, where I need 3 consecutive hours in the studio to push myself, achieve “good sore” (as opposed to “over train sore”), improve, and then sleep like a rock. So far, the consensus from the folks helping me learn to eat, is that negative on doubles days is acceptable, as long as they are limited in frequency and really for improving my practice and not for trying to starve to death.

This morning I woke up HUNGRY!

For Breakfast:
(Side note: I HATE “breakfast” foods)
– burrito with refried beans, jalapeños, and a piece of American cheese
– 1 cup of chocolate milk
– 1/2 cup of blue powerade

For Snack/second breakfast/I eat when I get to work:
– chocolate breakfast shake powder mixed with water instead of milk
– 1 pouch of pear, kiwi, spinach baby food mixed into the shake

*this was so creamy and delicious and amazing and filling.

6:30 yoga
Completely, totally, out of this world AWESOME!!!
head to knee (FINALLY) happened!!!! ok, it happened for like 0.1 seconds, but I saw my standing toes and forehead definitely hit the knee. I might have jumped up and down a little bit, and made the teacher laugh at me… But eh who cares, she loves this yoga too!

The 2nd thing that happened was a few major mega “I love my body” moments. I’ve got bones, nice ones, and not too much, just ribs and shoulders, and I’ve got ripple-y, defined muscles that I can look at in the mirror, and flex. I have visible obliques. When I set up for triangle, there is definition in my “thigh-bicep” (is that a real word, just a Bikram word? Anyway, if you know the dialogue, you know what I’m talking about). On the floor, I can see my deltoids and trapezius working, plus scapulas and more ribs. I love having muscles and bones BOTH!

For dinner:
– 8oz of Green Machine (yes, I KNOW it’s got a lot of sugar, but I loooooove it!) with 2 scoops of hyperbolic mass gainer powder.

I’m a little bit under for calories, but not negative, and feel fantastic. So we’ll go with it for now!

I’m happy!


4 thoughts on “Pretty close to perfect!

    • I soooo want it to happen! I have been working so hard between that and bow, by the time we get to stick, I’m ready to collapse. I’ve been sitting out lots of sets, or giving a crappy effort… I seriously hate that one. Eventually, in the future, I will do all 6 sets if the balancing series solid as a statue. But for now, I’m going to go right on hating stick.

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