Double, doubles??? (And I fall out…)

Double, doubles?
Bikram x4?????

Hahaha! Not so much! But that’s what it felt like!!!

We had a special class tonight, to help get our champions to New York next week!!!!!

Chris, Andrea and Avery

So instead of a regular class… We had FOUR teachers! They each lead 1 posture, while the other 3 took class and rotated. It felt like taking class 4 times all at once!!! Tons of people came to support these guys, which was AWESOME, the room was PACKED! And HOTTTTTTTT! Like, so hot, they stopped and turned the AC on near the end! Which is totally a Bikram first for me, open the doors? Yes. AC? NEVER! Even then, it was STILL hot! I like it hot, and this is not complaining, just kind of shocked observation.

I fell out of… Don’t laugh, ok?


I fell out of RABBIT!!!!

rabbit (PS- there’s our potty IN the hot room too)

I know it’s RIDICULOUS to “fall out” of Rabbit. But it was actually really scary. Ok, so I NEVER use the towel for rabbit. Remember, my practice pre-dates the official dialogue. When I started, the towel thing was kind if a suggestion, an afterthought, and not always mentioned. It went more like “if you are very drippy you can use your towel…” Anyhow, I never did. And now I just don’t. Even the mega strict, stick to the dialogue as I say it teachers never seem to mind or notice that I omit the towel step.

Like I said, tonight was REALLY hot. Probably the hottest class I’ve ever taken. It was temperature hot, unlike last week’s humidity crisis, and I was quite drippy so my mind went back to the very earliest days of my practice “if you are very drippy, you can use the towel…” So I did. For the first time ever in 15 years of Bikram and a thousand million classes, I actually used the towel.

It TOTALLY changed the feel of the posture, disrupted my sense if placement in the universe, confused me… And then it slipped completely. I shot forward and to the side crunching down on my poor little cervical spine. I do not have discs there and work diligently to keep my vertebrae aligned on my own. So this “falling out” was extremely painful. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve experienced real pain during yoga (I, personally, believe that most pain is psychological, and that we can both create it and overcome it by adjusting out thoughts about it. Whereas real pain occurs when there is something definitively wrong occurring in the body). I’ve had a few other scary rabbit moments in the past such as literally seeing stars and briefly blacking out. But tonight really hurt, and really scared me. Even after class, the owner came up to me and was like “hey. Hey! Look at me, make eye contact. Are you ok? You don’t seem like yourself right now.”

I’ve been home for an hour, had dinner, showered, put on fuzzy jammies, snuggled under the covers and relaxed. But I still feel “off” and scared of yoga. I’m going to try to force myself to wake up for the 8am to practice before driving home for Jarrett’s funeral tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Double, doubles??? (And I fall out…)

  1. Ack, that is scary! But you’ll be fine… I guess you just really don’t need the towel!

    I agree completely with what you say about pain. Completely.

    And, is that picture of you in rabbit? That is pretty much a perfect rabbit! Wow!

  2. Hope you’re feeling less sore today and back on the mat without fear 🙂 I forward rolled out of bhujapadasana yesterday, no pain just giggles! Big love xx

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