Baby Sitting


My kids today, from the left, ages 5, 5 and almost 7.
The tiny one made me cry this morning. She walked in, told me exactly how many calories she’d eaten for breakfast, that she ran laps around the field instead of playing everyday at recess. Then she freaked out, cried and was like “I have to MOVE!!!” I told her she did NOT need to, and that I would not rearrange so she could run laps inside the room. So she did push-ups until I picked her up and held her in my lap in front of the TV. She struggled against me, cried and asked if she could go workout with the moms. She’s SIX!!!!!! It killed me!

Some Baby Bows, just because they are really cute (I was not pretending to be a yoga teacher. They did that all by themselves).


7 thoughts on “Baby Sitting

    • Me too. I held (restrained) her, brushed her hair, read to her and told her that I understand. That I love to workout too, but the best athletes need to eat and rest sometimes too. She stopped fighting me, but I know it didn’t change her mind. I hope her parents are aware enough and do something to help her sooner, rather than later.

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