Teenie Butthead

Guess who got in trouble at yoga tonight????

In January, I practiced 31 times in 31 day. But I counted Advanced, workshops, and home practice too.

If February, I decided I needed to take 28 CLASSES in 28 days. Today, I took 4:30, which put me at 25 classes on the 26th day…. I just HAD to stay for the 6:30, even though I was tired. My shoulders decided they were D.O.N.E doing yoga, by the breathing. By half moon, I realized that I was absolutely spent. I skipped 2nd set awkward and all of eagle, busted out some awesome standing head to knee (I am in LOVE with this posture right now!) and standing bow, even took on my nemesis the freaking stick. I LOATHE stick. I skipped triangle. And did most of the floor series. But none of it was for the love of yoga. It was for the love of bones and burning calories.

After class, the teacher was like “what was that!??? Tomorrow please show up prepared. You know how this works, water, electrolytes, food”

I’m negative again today. But not as much. And it was a battle, in the extreme. Small win… Maybe?


One thought on “Teenie Butthead

  1. i say this completely out of love, but it sounds like you’re screaming for HELP! i think you’re missing the entire point of yoga, and as a former bulimic and food restrictor, it seems youre using bikram as a cover up for your own personal obsession (whatever that specifically may be). i’m no doctor, but i can tell you from my own experience that you’re headed down a slippery slope. i always hated when people would critique me about my weight (too fatt too skinny), like you could never seem to make people happy. i struggled for almost 10 years in and out of meetings trying to get over this obsession with my body. during that process, i lost my LIFE to numbers and mirrors and food or lack thereof. looking back now i see how many relationships i lost just bc there simply wasn’t enough ‘me’ to go around (after spending all my time/ energy obsession over my weight and ocd’s). i regret that now. if i had only said ‘yes’ to hanging out that friday night instead of spending more time on the elliptical. if i had slept in like a normal person and made it to class on time i wouldn’t have missed that test. the list goes on and on.

    bikram yoga brings one back to the sense of being OK with just being ‘ok.’ those 90 mins are there to serve as a reminder that this life is the only one we are given. you can’t possibly be the best YOU that you can be when your’e running on ‘E.’ that time is meant for you to stop. listen to your body. see where in your body you deserve to show more love to yourself. clear your mind of everything its tempted to tell you and just BREATHE.

    that being said stop freaking out about trying to be PERFECT! enjoy your weak moments. embrace that fact that you ALWAYS HAVE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. and show yourself some LOVE! i know easier said than done. but the sooner you can get past whatever it is you’re struggling with (be it life in general) the sooner you can truly LIVE! and that’s what bikram is all about anway.

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