So far, so good

I ate breakfast… Without MY cup and MY spoon. And I only freaked out a little bit. Breakfast is my main meal, I don’t have to eat lunch- it’s in The Rules (I like rules). And I’m supposed to eat SOMETHING at night, it doesn’t have to be a meal, just calories. A cup of Green Machine or chocolate milk is acceptable.

Anyway, breakfast is kind of a big deal. Right now I’m on a “Sprouty Pudding” kick.
I mix chocolate protein powder with a little bit of water, just enough to dissolve it with




I packed Sprout and powder, and now I know I can eat it from a different cup, using a different spoon, and it’s ok… Still Sprouty and everything.

It’s 8:40am, I’m already at the airport, boarding pass in hand feeling confident and ready for my noon flight. Although, I’m kind of stiff and creaky from not practicing yesterday… Maybe I can find a little corner to stretch out in for a bit.


4 thoughts on “So far, so good

  1. Ooh that sprout stuff looks awesome, I’ve never seen anything like it. Do you use a whey protein powder? Congrats on being at the airport already (I sneak in seated forward folds at all intervals in public places, I feel they’re the lesser obvious stretching choice); have an awesome flight luv, can’t wait to hear about the trip (and the burrito place!)!

  2. Airport yoga for me too in the next few days – I think its perfectly acceptable and should be recommended especially on long fights 🙂
    Have a great time in New York x

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