Well, obviously

It’s 3am in my childhood home. I’m staying here tonight because its closer to the airport. Everyone is awake, but in their own rooms. The dog barked, so my brother got up and took him to have a drink from the toilet. I ate a grapefruit for dinner while my mom sat in front of me and actually cheered (FYI- don’t do that for your anorexic friends and family members, it doesn’t really help. But because she’s mom… Ya know). Then she had a bowl of ice cream at her computer and my brother ate crackers in front of his.

Really, who’s shocked that I don’t understand how to eat and be normal???

I can’t sleep. So I’m reading.


I’m not too far into it, but… I really don’t remember that much about junior high, especially the social cliques, math class and fighting with my parents. But I had bigger things happening in my life at the time, I guess.


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