Amazing things happen for girls who are brave

Yesterday was so super awesome!!!!!! I saw tons of amazing yoga, got to introduce my cousins to my studio mates. Chris placed 8th!!!!! My great aunt came to see us. AND!!! It SNOWED!!!!!!! It was my first time ever seeing snow falling!


Of course, that’s not to say the day was without challenges. I don’t have to eat lunch. That’s in The Rules. But my cousins don’t have eating disorders, and, therefore, have no aversion to lunch. I got really upset and couldn’t figure out how to explain myself, or what to do… Then Robyn said “if you don’t want to eat, that’s ok.” I calmed down, enjoyed the time spent with my cousins… And Emmy was dining a few tables down from us, which was pretty cool.

Getting to dinner was a fiasco, all by itself. I cried a whole bunch. But in the end, it worked out. We found a place. I ate this

And liked it!!!

Today, we decided to take 8am yoga, so I had to figure out how to eat for morning practice (which is hard for me). But, we decided early enough, I had plenty if time to figure it out. I had some peanut butter when I woke up, for something to practice on. Then, burrito after practice to fuel up for the day. And I will make Sprouty pudding on the plane for my night time food. I’m really proud of myself for figuring all of this out. And managing to avoid any meal time drama for today. Plus, after our burritos, I didn’t finish (they are HUGE), and told Robyn “it’s ok. That’s good.” She smiled real big at me, and agreed.
I did a good job, and I’m pretty excited about it!!!!


5 thoughts on “Amazing things happen for girls who are brave

  1. Every time you have a “win”, you make it easier to have another one.

    I feel so pleased for you, and since this is the first thing that I’ve read this morning, it’s put me into a great frame of mind for the rest of a very busy day. So your win is turning out to be a gift that just keeps on giving! 🙂

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