Yoga Asana National Championships Part Two: The Yoga

I had the most amazing time EVER!!!!
One of my cousins is a yoga teacher (not Bikram), and the other has been doing Bikram nearly as long as I have. We can’t figure out how it NEVER came up in the past 15 years. But, anyway, the three of us have a shared love of yoga (and dogs). It was sooo cool to get to share the experience with them.

When we walked into the Hudson Theater on Saturday, we immediately ran into these guys

Paul and Osiris Garcia- if they didn’t livestream the breaks, the home viewers missed some absolutely adorable posture demos on the stage from this little guy.

Paul jumped up and gave me a HUGE hug, then loaded all of us up with yoga stickers!

We went inside and watched the men compete. Since we’d just arrived, we tried sitting on the floor level, but the view was not stellar, and none of my pictures came out. Even though my photos sucked, Chris did not. His performance was AWESOME!!!

On the break we went back to checkout the vendor room, ran into more people from my studio, got tons more hugs, taught my cousin about “coozies” and hooked her up with some yoga ones to take home.


After the break, we discovered the balcony and settled in up there to watch the women. We had a great time getting to know Sarah from Navada’s dad and coach in between competitors. We watched Andrea compete.

She was absolutely radiant, with a smile that touched everyone in the room.

We had to leave before watching Sarah from Navada though.

My 76 year old Great Aunt Sara came to meet us for dinner. She is an Israeli redhead with LOADS of personality. Time spent with her is guaranteed to be entertaining.

Cousin Robyn and Aunt Sara cracking up.

While we were out, the semi-finals results posted, Chris and Andrea BOTH placed 8th and would be competing in Sunday’s finals round.

Sunday morning, we woke up really early, to take class together in New Jersey. It was a reallllly different Bikram experience for me. Sharing practice with my cousins was such a treat! I am so lucky to share DNA with these awesome, positive ladies who also share my passion.

After class, we enjoyed some stress-free burritos at the house before heading back for MORE yoga!

When we walked in, two of the girls from home who I hadn’t seen the day before were at the vendor table. One of them got really excited and yelled “hey! You guys! She’s here!!!!” We talked for a little bit about taking class away from home, and how different can lead to growth. We both agreed, that while our vacation practices may have been what some would call uncomfortable, we were appreciative of the experience.

We got confused, and ended up completely missing the kids competition…. But ran smack into Avery and her family in the balcony. I got tons more hugs from them. Avery was beaming from ear to ear, her excitement was tangible. I was so thrilled that she had a good experience on stage.

Avery and me, watching the men.

We watched Chris!

(I’m not sure how I missed 3 of his postures)

We watched last years defending champion


And my cousins decided that they loved Chris, because he looks like a man’s man, with a DUDE body, muscles, not emaciated, or ballerina-esque in any way. He is an excellent ambassador for MEN’s yoga!

When on stage in a speedo… Be sure to flaunt your macho.

When the men finished we were treated to this splendid demo from former champions

They sure set the bar high!!!
This went on forever and was hilarious.

Then we watched the girls

Former champion Afton Carraway, who happens to be from my home town.

Andrea has a knack for lighting up a room.

(Both Afton and Andrea ran over on time)

Once the girls finished, the champions managed to get their acts together and treated us to some fantastic demos.


We missed the awards, because I had to catch my flight home.

Chris and Andrea both placed 7th overall and Avery came in 4th!!! It was sooooo cool to support them and be a part of the experience!!

Oh yeah, and that. No big deal, right? šŸ˜‰


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