The Cup


That there, is what 625 calories looks like in a cup. Which the rules inside my head deemed acceptable for office consumption… Even at my new desk in the hallway! This should make my life a little bit easier!

Today, the cup contained 2 scoops of mass gainer powder and 8oz of Green Machine. This is something I’ve had before and liked (about as much as I like anything), but this morning I found it quite bitter and gag-worthy. However, gagging at the new desk in the hallway is simply not acceptable- the objective is to draw very minimal attention to The Cup.

I was already at work, and had to have a MEAL, in order to comply with The Rules. I had oatmeal in my locker, but couldn’t eat that at my desk and it was too early to go on break. So, I mixed a packet of dark chocolate breakfast powder into the Green Machine and protein. It wasn’t the best. But I managed to get the job done.

Later in the day, everyone (myself included) was super busy, and I decided that I REALLY wanted some peanut butter. After much internal debate, it was decided that since I had little tiny single serving cups of peanut butter in my desk (thank you, cousin!), and everyone was too busy to be paying me any attention, and I was too busy to go find a place to eat it alone, I would eat it at my desk. I got it open, put the spoon in, scooped some up…

And put it in my mouth at the EXACT moment my boss decided she needed to come over and reprimand me for wearing my hood and gloves inside the building. My new desk is right under the air vent and FREEZING. So, I removed my hat, removed my gloves, swallowed what was in my mouth and cried little tiny snowflake tears.

There will definitely be no further peanut butter consumption taking place at my desk, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I didn’t expect the breakfast powder, or the peanut butter when I planned my day, and hit 795 early in the day. At first, I was excited, because I could be DONE for the day and go straight to bed after yoga… Until I remembered The Rules also mandate SOMETHING at night.

I had a REALLY awesome yoga tonight. I walked in for the late class, and some of my friends from the early class were still there, and smothered me with hugs. I love yoga people. I was early and had a nice long time to warm up. It was a small group without any first timers, so she was able to tailor the class up just a little bit. I’m still falling out of standing head to knee, but she got really excited with me, because it’s SO close!

My legs hurt, but the temperature, humidity and dialogue were all perfect. I get stronger/bendier every single day. I walked out of the room completely blissed out on yoga. It’s the best feeling in the world.

When I got home, I returned to my numbers dilemma. I only had 5 calories left for the day and HAD to find something. Of course, I wasn’t actually going to find something (that I could reasonably pass off as a snack) for 5 calories. So, even though I thought I wanted peanut butter pasta, I settled for some unsweetened almond milk at 30 calories.

Unsweetened almond milk is disgusting, I’m angry about going over and think, maybe I’m hungry right now. All of this will certainly motivate me to plan better tomorrow, that’s for sure.



One thought on “The Cup

  1. Yoga people are the best! I’m glad to see you found some happiness in a seemingly stressful day for you.

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