Little Yogini, Big Day

After surviving yoga, I decided to drive an hour across town to the art and farmers market. I somehow had it in my mind that I was going to buy produce there. Which is, of course, ridiculous and way more than I could possibly deal with. Instead, I spent time with some friends, who I haven’t seen in months, and took pictures of their cute dog, Jack.
Jack was fantastic. But the humans had a lot to say about my size. I sent Jack’s mom a text after I left, and told her all of the reasons she shouldn’t be jealous. Her reply was really sweet, and supportive. I am always shocked how nice people have been, when I am brave enough to tell them.

Last night, my closest friend/soulmate/secret keeper/sooo much more, there aren’t even words for what she is… Anyway, last night (or this morning), she somehow convinced me that I wanted to know how to make her soup. And, not only that, but, if she spent the time explaining how to do it. I had to agree to actually try. Which I did- with the stipulation, that it had to be EASY, with minimal interaction with the food.

As our conversation meandered through the wee hours of the morning, it brushed on homemade nut butters, almond milk, and banana ice cream- as in, ice cream made FROM bananas, not banana flavored ice cream.

True to my word, I spent the afternoon collecting supplies, ingredients, and my thoughts, in preparation for the promised soup making. And since I was already at it, I decided to take on a bit more than soup. I set the soup up.



And while it boiled, I made mixed nut butter!!!

I didn’t really believe it was possible, and just got the cheapest nuts I could find to experiment with. Now that I’ve seen it really work, I want to butterize macadamia nuts.

When i finished with the nut butter, I made banana ice cream.

I cut up the bananas, and strawberries myself, and still ate it- which is HUGE for me. It tasted more like baby food than ice cream. I think the bananas may need to be more frozen. I only used half of what I cut up, so I can try again in a few days.

By the time I finished with the ice cream, I was starting to feel extremely overwhelmed, and had to leave the room for a while. My whole body was shaking, and tense. I got under my covers and cried for a little bit.

When I calmed down, I went back, split the soup out into single serving size containers, cleaned the kitchen, and took another break to relax before actually eating the soup. It’s delicious, healthy, loaded with veggies and things the body loves, made TONS, and I will have something easy to eat all week, so on the very tired yoga days and the days where touching/preparing food is too much to cope with, I will still have something healthy and wonderful.

I haven’t tried the nut butter yet. I have maxed out my food tolerance for this weekend… And don’t feel at all guilty falling asleep wayyy under the daily goal tonight.


4 thoughts on “Little Yogini, Big Day

  1. Mmm, I have made that banana soft serve before. You need to blend it forever to get the correct consistency. I add unsweetened cocoa to it (remember, I don’t enjoy fruit unless it is in disguise!).

    I am glad today was better.

  2. Hey! It’s Lina ( 🙂 It didn’t work out for me leaving a comment without being connected to either twitter, facebook or (the last one, I don’t use), so here I am, using the twitter account of mine. Hehe. Ok. End of that discussion. I just wanted to say that I think you were really strong fixing the food. And also to take a break from it when you felt you needed to. Keep fighting!

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