Ok, ok, ok, The Yoga Box…

As promised… The Yoga Box
But first I’m going to complain, because it’s my blog and I can.

My shoulder popped during class tonight. It either made a lot of noise, or I did, I’m not sure but it was enough that 6 people around me stopped what they were doing to look and two even whispered to ask if I was ok.

My shoulder popped, then the back of my upper arm locked up with really intense pain running in a thin straight line from my shoulder to my elbow. My lower arm went completely numb (and convinced my mind that it was warped at a weird angle- but wasn’t), the same thin line pain from my upper arm drew circles around my wrist, and my fingers were shaking and had no feeling. It’s been 4 hours and still sore and numb-ish. What was I doing???? Oh, you know… Just the extremely challenging, advanced posture called drinking-water-because-I-hate-stretching-pose. Right up until that moment, is been planing to stay for doubles. My whole class had been super strong and smiley. JC was nothing short of hilarious-tyrant, I laughed out loud multiple times. When he wasn’t pushing me HARD to make tiny adjustments and go farther.

Alrighty, I feel better clearer (but still hurts) getting that off my chest. So, NOW, I can tell you about The Yoga Box.

I am a firm believer that, every moment in the hot room is an opportunity to further my practice and improve all aspects of my yogi-self… Even those times that are awkward, frustrating, different, uncomfortable, or simply “off”.

While I was up north last week, my cousins and I took class at a studio in NJ. When we walked in, I was immediately directed to a boxed off section with a great big, hot pink sign taped to the floor. SWEET! I think. these folks obviously know their stuff. This lil’ yogini LOVES pink, especially HOT PINK!!!!

As I set up my stuff, I took a moment to read my cool pink sign


Right-O. Well, I complain often enough about always being watched during class… So, obviously, I went with the most logical possible option, said nothing, rocked my hot pink FIRST TIME box with pride, and seized the opportunity to play around! I squirmed, and picked my clothes, wiped my sweat, tapped my feet, looked around the room, kicked over my water bottle… I totally did New Kid like a pro.

But after the Party Time, it was time to buckle down and get serious. I’ve got a forehead that needs to get to knee and all, ya’ know! That’s when things started to get a little hairy… Apparently, she-who-bends-in-box must not kick out. Whoopsie. I swear, I tried reallllllllly hard to be polite and follow studio protocol. But I also REALLLLLY want my forehead to touch my freaking knee already! So, I kicked out second set, and bent my elbows, but didn’t change my gaze, lower body down, or move my head. Compromise.

Then, wellllll… standing bow happened. I checked out my fingernails during the set up (I seriously despise wasting energy standing there holding my foot through 12 million directions). Then, I just went for it, because no one told me not to. I find this particular segment if dialogue excruciatingly distracting, just tons of blah blah to fill up time. Therefore, I do my best to tune it out and just interpret a very long dull hum in the background. This generally, serves me pretty well… Unless, of course, the background hum chokes, stutters, then pokes me in the shoulder to ask my name, and let me know that I am very flexible… Good to know, thanks. Your next line is “change” followed by “other side”.

So much for going unnoticed. Oh well. Fifteen years into my practice, it was kinda fun getting to revisit the FIRST TIME experience.

I didn’t take any relevant pictures today, but here are some unrelated bananas.



8 thoughts on “Ok, ok, ok, The Yoga Box…

  1. I have to admit, I giggled at “Oh, you know… Just the extremely challenging, advanced posture called drinking-water-because-I-hate-stretching-pose” The only serious yoga-related injury I’ve had occurred while I was getting dressed for class, so I totally feel your pain!

  2. Yeah for blogging about the yoga box!!!!! I loved that story when you told it to me. I had something similae happen to me last summer. I was sitting on a bench in the lobby talking. I had my knees into my chest and my arms wrapped around them. When I undid all this there was a loud pop (other people heard it), and I had zero control over my right arm. It was scary. Then I suddenly gained control. It took several days for it to return to normal.

    My massage therapist told me it was not an injury but likely a pinched nerve. Give it 3-4 days unless it keeps getting worse.

    • Good to know!!!
      Also, nice to know I’m not the only adult who still sits like that, even though my boss SWEARS I am!!! Well, I also W-sit (like fixed firm), and can do my job just fine with my feet behind my head *shrug*.

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