Girl of glass

I’m extremely sensitive.

My co-worker said he liked my “flight suit” when I wore new pants to work… So I walked outside and eloped with ED immediately. We had been dating for a long time, but that one comment completely sealed the deal.

The cashier at Publix told me “you eat strange food” today, it took every ounce strength and self control not to turn around and return every single item.

Someone I cherish, who inspires and motivates me, sends a message, that I know was intended to be sweet. That I KNOW was derived and shared from a place of love.
Yet, a single sentence, shatters… e v e r y t h i n g.


For the girl made of glass.



5 thoughts on “Girl of glass

  1. I really hate it when people comment about what you actually eat. In the real worst time of my ED when weight was dropping off. I ordered a breakfast sandwich one day. A co-worker actually said I was a greedy b*** it was actually the only thing I’d (well planned on eating) in a couple of days. Shame to say it went in the bin. I wish I’d actually had the guts to throw it in her face at the time. But we learn these things later. I started DC around a month later and then took the time for myself to heal. People don’t care what they say to a stranger or a ‘friend’ and that sucks. 😦 Take care of yourself. And hopefully that ‘girl of glass’ will harden and never break again.. x x

    • Yes. I almost passed out. But, it was Publix, so I know they are required to initiate conversation. He was new and only about 16. One of the managers was bagging for him and reacted IMMEDIATELY. The poor kid turned bright red and then got all tongue tied. In the end I felt worse for him then myself.

  2. I hear you. Even well-meaning people can be clueless. For me the hardest (well one of the hardest anyhow) thing was, is and probably will be, not to react in a blind panic to other people’s intentions and influence. Sometimes I can’t breath, I just want to strike out in defense of my sanity. Just walk away from situations like that and give yourself time to process what you’re feeling. The self loathing or whatever emotion arises at the time will eventually go away. It’s super hard to just FEEL, but it’s also very healing. (When I just can’t stand being still with myself and being all zen, I go a couple of rounds kicking and punching a heavy bag, also works wonders 😀

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