Try-Food Challenge: Week 1, Part 2


Random veggie to pick up, learn a lout and do something with this week was the rutabaga. It is thought to be a naturally occurring hybrid between a turnip and cabbage. It is heavy and looks kind of like a coconut. I was nervous about trying to get into it.

I got REALLY lucky with this. They only look hard and scary.

But, you just peel it, like a potato.

I found this recipe, that looked mega easy and unscary.

And it was! I used olive oil instead of butter, because butter is gross, and added scallions.

Rutabaga is delicious. It’s sweet, almost candy-like. It smells good while being peeled and cubed. It mashed easily. It’s the color of cheese, which makes it fun. Plus, it cost less than a dollar to buy!

Tonight, I put it in a tortilla with veggie nuggets and fresh apple pieces

It was yummy. But next time, I think I’d just cut up the nuggets, mix and eat with a spoon. The tortilla didn’t really add that much more than a ton of calories to the experience.


4 thoughts on “Try-Food Challenge: Week 1, Part 2

  1. That crazy rock of a veggie is called a “Swede” down here in Oz. When I went Paleo and found myself suddenly giving up potatoes, I started to use this in all of my slow-cooked dishes, because it’s fairly bland and takes on many of the flavours of the dish it’s in, it makes it easy to add a little “bulk” my meals without overloading on the starchy carbs which would throw my meal balance all out of whack. Turns out it’s a pretty versatile veg once you start getting all crazy and experimental with it.

    Oh… and good for you for trying something new and finding it no so scary. 🙂

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