My new desk in the hallway, is also under the air vent and I HATE being blown on. I have never explained it in a way that makes sense to anyone, but being under a fan is physically painful.
I just had the following discussion with my supervisor.

Her: take your hood off
Me: I’m cold (I take it off, and immediately start shivering)
Her: take your gloves off. Put your feet on the floor. Unfold. Why can’t you just sit like everyone else.
Me: because I’m frozen.
Her: I don’t care.
Me: (decide to ignore her, and go back to working)
Her: You should just start do like the rest of us. Fatten up. Then you won’t be so cold!

Um. I think not!!!!

I wonder if hypothermia burns calories…


6 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. All the women at my work have space heaters under their desks. Your boss sounds like a doucher, but I hope she will let you do this if you explain to her that you are freezing cold. Also… tea, or a heating pad (the kind that has grains or cherry pits in it and you heat it up in the microwave).

    • And I agree, it is NOT ok how she talked to you. Is this a larger company? If so, definitely try to find an HR person who is more willing to listen.

    • Ohhh! That’s a good idea!!!

      I drink hot water, but that just makes me colder when it’s gone. I also go wash my hands with hot water a lot.

      Space heater sounds like a perfect solution!

      Thanks, Simmm!!!

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