I love yoga

I love yoga.
But I’m horrible with time. No. Really. I’m always late for everything. I can never figure out how long to run the microwave for. If you asked me how long it’d take to walk to Mars, I’d tell you “about 3 days” (ok, maybe not that one).
So tonight’s lapse in logic had me at the studio an hour early. JC was teaching, but Kate was there and let me in. She was like, “um. You’re an hour early. But you can hang out, if you want.”
We sat in the lobby together and watched JC teach. I’ve never watched class before. It was fascinating. Yoga does not look fun at all!!! At some point I became aware that Kate had shifted her attention towards me. “I love yoga.” I sighed to her, without taking my eyes off of the hot room.

It’s not about calories. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that’s nice and all. It’s nice to just *poof* add a good two additional meals on the days I get excited about trying food. And it’s nice to just *poof* erase a good two meals on days where food feels like the enemy.

But, I doubt I’d go get I-look-like-I-just-took-a-swim sweaty as diligently as I do, without some amount of passion.
I love the ability to leave every single thought- good, bad, or indifferent, outside. I love the challenge, the consistency, the people in the room. I love watching myself (except on Fat Yoga Monday) in the mirror. I love seeing how E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G I do plays into my practice. I love the ridiculous dialogue with all of its grammatical flaws and stupid analogies that don’t make any sense!!!!

I love to practice. Even when it doesn’t happen the way I want, I love it.

Tonight, was Kate’s class (we know, these are ALWAYS interesting). I set up in the Devil’s corner and 2 regulars followed me. 3 new students set up on the far opposite side of the room. We were only 6 again tonight. It was an interesting set up.

I love Kate. She’s been teaching for a loooooong time. She sees the tiniest things, and knows corrections beyond just the dialogue. She got my “kick from the hip” “kick with the hip” mass confusion immediately… I still did it wrong all 4 sets, but we laughed about it.

I’ve mentioned before, that the grip and elbows in separate leg head to floor baffles me… You better believe Kate got down on the floor between my legs to give dialogue where I could read her lips tonight. Then, because I’m extra dense, and STILL couldn’t figure it out., she picked up my hands and moved them. OH! DUH! I can’t wait to do it on my own tomorrow!!!!

I love that there is always room to grow, more to try. I love that Esak falls out. I love the heat. I love backbending. I love getting cracked in camel.

I just love to practice. I wish I could do nothing but yoga, and help people all day everyday.


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