Well, that was new…

I’ve had dizzy yoga, melty yoga, spiny yoga, sleepy yoga, fat yoga, awkward yoga, uncomfortable yoga, challenging, frustrating, disappointing yoga…

But tonight, I had downright unfun yoga!!!

Room was on the cool side. My leg was feeling stronger than it has all week. It was my favorite teacher (well, I say that everyday). After freezing all day, I couldn’t wait to get hot. I was the first one in, used the whole 30 minutes to warm up. Wall-walked (without grunting). Stood in front of the heater to thoroughly mush-ify my legs, then stretched verrrry carefully, just enough to open up all the tension. It had ALL needed components to be an awesome class.

… But it just didn’t happen. It’s true, when they say the first breathing sets the foundation for your whole practice. I was distracted, fidgety, kept yawning, randomly decided I should hyperfocus on the “ankle bones touching” part. Mine don’t, never have, and for whatever reason I decided I needed to make that happen RIGHT. NOW. Which meant… The actual breathing got very little focus.

And I practiced in the same strange fidgety, sleepy, distracted manner that I established in the breathing.

I didn’t even bother with sit-ups because the floor hurt my butt. My leg still hurts.

Going home and soaking in the tub has been wonderful. I can feel it improving. Plus, it’s just relaxing, and blissful.

Um, schedule changes mess everything up.


I need to stop falling asleep before dinner!


I’m already soooo sleepy right now.


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