Busy Bendy

I feel like I’ve been traveling at warp speed today. Everything just flew by!!! We’ve been super busy at work. I’ve got a very boring job, the details aren’t that important. We are all working on a big project for April 1st. I feel constantly behind, get overwhelmed, and shut down. I had an assistant… Until he liked my “flight suit” then he was reallocated to a different department.

Sometime last week, my supervisor and I rearranged a ton (like thousands) of electronic files. Now that my digital workspace is more efficient and no longer crashing my computer multiple times everyday, I’ve been trying to catch up… It’s happening, just slowly.

hmmmm “catching up” at snail speed seems to be the theme of the moment for me right now

Friday is my roommate’s night to take care if the dogs, since I didn’t have to rush home like all of the other days, I decided to practice, then go back to work.

Thankfully, unfun yoga, was fleeting. Tonight’s class was freaking awesome!!!! I had significantly less leg pain, right up until stretching… It’s possible that I just really hate that posture. Honestly, I’d be good if the whole thing ended after rabbit. I remembered to utilize all of the things Kate helped me with last night for head to floor, and it felt GREAT!!! I popped my back going into the first backbend. It felt fantastic, and made me want to bend even deeper. I had 4 strong triangles- I used to hate triangle soooo much, then one day the GRRR factor just took control and was like “GRRRR I’ll show you, you stupid triangle. Bring. It. On!!!” I became determined to figure out all of the little tiny components of the full expression. Committing to triangle made my legs STRONG! I can really see a difference. It’s SO COOL what this yoga does for us! Now that my triangles are coming along nicely, the GRRR Factor seems to have opted to take on Stick! Eeeek!!!


I left class totally blissed out on yoga…

Then I realized, if I worked until 11, there was NO WAY I’d be willing to eat dinner walking in the door at a quarter till 12.

So, even though I was having a great time with the boys, I only stayed until 10, then came home for dinner. I’m not sure if I’m proud, or irritated with myself yet. But I know it was the right thing to do, and hope it’s reflected in my practice tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Busy Bendy

  1. I absolutely believe eating dinner will be reflected in your practice tomorrow! I think it’s hard to eat that late. That’s my primary reason for not taking 6:30pm classes. I don’t want to be eating dinner at 8:30 or 9:00!

      • How do you prepare for morning class? I wake up an hour earlier than I would if not practicing, and need the whole day to get ready for evening class.

        I always decide I’m going to take morning class, have everything ready, wake up on time, get dressed even, then panic and back out because fuel and hydration are off.

        I think it’s important to have a diverse practice; move spots, take different teachers, visit studios, use both sides of the mat, etc. I think morning brings a stiff, unworked body with a soft open mind into the hot room. Where night classes bring a softer body open and lose from a day full of use and movement with a stiff and cluttered mind, full of thoughts, stressors and chatter from the day.

        Both are important.

      • I prepare for morning class the day before. What I eat and what I drink the day before will effect my class. I just make sure I’m hydrated and have eaten well. I’m also more of a morning person. I like to be up and dressed by 7:00. I will often be working by 7:30 so going to yoga in the morning is easy for me.

        I also can go to a 4:30 class and roll right into a 9:00 am class or even a 6:00 am (those are not so much fun) if need be. If you hydrate the day before you’ll be fine. For a 9:00 am I am up by 6:30. I have something small for breakfast and usually get about 20 ounces of water in me by 8:00.

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