Let there be Power (and Pancakes)!

The power came back on. And I made MORE pancakes! Ok, fine, I made more scrambled pancakes, who cares?

They were not just ordinary pancakes, however. They were green!

I decided at some point while baby-sitting this morning that I wanted to make 2 things: 1- vegan Mac and Cheese (why? I’m not vegan! My mind can be so weird!) and 2- green pancakes… *shrug*

Thank goodness for Pinterest and Google. I spent HOURS reading different articles and recipes, and couldn’t find anything that I thought I’d be able to both, make and eat.

When the power finally came back, I decided to just pick the reasonable bits from everything I’d read and combine just those parts. I used the same breakfast pancakes I made during the week, but puréed mixed veggies with water in place of the almond milk. There was broccoli (which I HATE) in the mix, but I think it’s largely an aesthetic aversion… Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever even tasted broccoli. I decided it couldn’t be as toxic once liquified.


I still suck at pancake making, and it didn’t come out very green. I think I need spinach or something for that. But I created my own protein and veggie loaded meal that wasn’t horrible. I put some salsa on top. It made TONS, I’ve got 2 meal sized containers in the fridge for some other time.

Now I’m in bed. Digesting. That’s always the worst part.

We’re having a studio wide 30 day challenge next month. Of course I’m going to participate (duh!), but thought I should take a day off before it started. I picked today, so I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about missing the 8 AGAIN. The weather was gorgeous when I woke up, and I thought it’d be fun to take Avery to the dog park and walk around downtown for a few hours.

I made and ate the pancakes. Now I’m hiding under the covers. My heart is racing, and I want to cry. I should not have slept through the 8am. I should not have let hail and tornado warnings keep me from the afternoon practice. There are no more classes today. The ground is too wet for Trikking. The water is too cold for lap swimming.

I’m all filled up with pancakes and have no way to use them!!! So, I fidget. I plank. And wall sit. Skipping yoga is never a good idea.


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