Try-Food Challenge

Try-Food Challenge
Week 1, Part 3

Cactus Pear

The final Try-Food from last weekend is the cactus pear, because they are pink, and I like pears. I like most fruits and figured it would be the easiest of the 3 challenge foods I picked…

So, Teenie, if this was so easy why did you ignore it for a week?

Good question! You see, I ran into a bit of a hang up when I started Googling what to to do with it. The majority of the websites I checked advised wearing heavy leather work gloves while handling fresh cactus pears. They also assured readers that cactus pear from a grocery store would be specially scrubbed and safe to touch with bare hands. Nonetheless, the thought was there, and I was now afraid to interact with my little pink fruit.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

It’s 4pm. So far today, I’ve had Gebi’s soggy almonds and citrus, but nothing else. It’s hailing, and our power’s been out for hours.

even my iPhone knows the weather is bad

Everything I have, either needs to be blended or heated up…. Everything, that is, except my scary cactus pear. I’m not exactly gaining (or even maintaining) at the moment. I know I need to have lunch.

If not now, when? (I guess)

So, without touching the pear, I dump the fruit bowl onto a plate. Take a deep breath,

And cut a line down the length as instructed by YouTube. Can you tell from my fingers I really didn’t want to be touching that thing?

Next, I used the knife to peel back the skin and cut up the edible part.


It did NOT taste like watermelon bubble gum at all!!! I don’t think it really had much flavor at all, to be honest. What it did have was seeds, which are edible. However, mixed texture with crunchy things in something soft is considered capital offense by my mouth and punishable by immediate death via garbage disposal.

Plus, it dyed my fingers,

Strike 2 cactus pear, you’re outta there!

Presently, I have no power and no lunch, BUT I do know that I dislike cactus pears!


6 thoughts on “Try-Food Challenge

  1. hahaha, well at least you won’t be left wondering!
    I feel the same about dragon fruit. It doesn’t taste of much and has little seeds and of course dyes your hands pink. So I’d advise against dragon fruit because it sounds almost the same… except without the creepy “handle with extremely thick gloves” warning.
    Hope the weather dies down soon : )

      • Agreed, dragon fruit is also pretty much taste-neutral. At least the kind you can buy at grocery stores around here. I wonder if they taste any better if picked when ripe in whatever tropical country they are from.

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