This is 100% of the texts I get from the person I live with.

All day, every day.

24/7 reminder line of all the reasons I suck.

All the things I can never get right.

And, just when I think I finally do

I didn’t run it because it wasn’t full, and didn’t want her to be mad about wasting water.


Of course she’s right.
About everything.

I am shitty.



No wonder she hates me.


2 thoughts on “Hate

  1. no you’re not. She’s just EXTREMELY lazy. And I can say “extremely” because I only needed a couple of texts to figure it out. : P
    you can’t help it if the world has stupid people.

  2. What a pleasant human being. Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you WERE the laziest, messiest roommate (which I doubt you are), talking to you like that is so rude. Clearly SHE is the one with the issues.

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