Doubles Monday- Teenie makes a deal!!!

Today didn’t kick off with much potential.

* I woke up in for real pain. Whatever is going in with my hip is seriously not ok!

* My roommate is out of town for a few days, so the critter schedule is off. It’s confusing for the dogs, and for me.

* I gained weight, hit 19.5 BMI, which, you may recall, I was fairly adamant, would NOT be happening. As you can imagine, I was pissed.

* For some, unknown reason, I decided to eat a lot of nuts for breakfast… Which I instantly regretted.

I was really busy at work though, and didn’t have any time to lament. By the time I went to lunch, the rain had stopped, the sun was shining, I had a chiro appointment scheduled, and decided to see if I could alleviate some of my leg pain with a nice barefoot walk.


Where I ran into these guys! Aren’t they cute!?

After I walked, I stretched.

Seriously, what feels better than Fixed Firm? Yeah, pretty much nothing.

I felt better, and Doubles Monday was saved!!!

When I walked in, the guys were full of High 5s and “She’s here! It’s Doubles Monday!”

I had two STRONG classes, with some wall-walking, blocking, inverting and Plow between them.

Paul taught both. I love him (I love all of them)! As I was leaving, he had more High 5’s and told me he loves teaching when I’m in the room. I shrugged and told him I just love to practice. He asked me AGAIN about competing… This is becoming a daily discussion after class.

I told him probably not, because I have to work during advanced, and wouldn’t do it without being fully prepared (overachiever, are we surprised?). So he said he’d talk to Kate, about setting up a separate Advanced for the new studio specifically around my schedule!

It seems that Operation FLABBY ASS, might be back in business here, folks!!!

I remembered to have dinner before getting in the tub too! I made Mass Gainer (only option on doubles say), with almond milk, sweet potato sprouty and pumpkin pie spice. So autumnal and delicious for the start of spring!


I’m under. But that’s a solid effort! No one can be too down on that!


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