Doubles Fail

I didn’t stay for doubles today. My hips hurt sooooo much.

I ate enough and considered pushing it. But started having lots of creepy crawlies on my arms and shins, which usually means something is pressing on someplace it shouldn’t be somewhere in my spine. By the end of class, my fingers and toes were completely numb.

I knew I needed to get realigned as soon as possible. But, first I had to stop for gas. As soon as I stood up, the muscles around my shoulders started fluttering- not exactly painful, just annoying.

The roommate texted to ask something, I told her I was only taking one class and needed to get on the inversion table right away…

… To which she informed me, that she’d taken it apart, and I could find all the pieces in various places around the garage. I found all of the parts, and carried each one in by myself. Now, this is not a small, or light contraption, and I am in a lot of pain and not very big. I use my head, shoulders, knees, the door frame, wall, counter, every little bit of leverage I can find to wrestle the thing together, fall down 75683 times in the process, finally get everything all lined up, go to slide the locks closed… Only to find that they are now bent and won’t click in!

I burst into tears, abandon the pieces on the bathroom floor and crawl into bed, without even changing from my soaking wet practice clothes. Physically, I am spent. This is the absolute limit. I’ve got nothing left. My hips and spine are revolting and I’m all curled up in a hysterical, snotty ball of intense muscle spasms.

I am angry!!!


4 thoughts on “Doubles Fail

  1. Hush …
    Sleep …
    Don’t you know …
    You are complete,
    As you are.

    Curled up as you are
    You still have breath,
    So breathe in,
    And breathe out,
    Feel each molecule of air
    Find each cell of muscle
    And gently dance
    And loosen.

    So hush now …
    And sleep …
    You are complete now,
    As you will be tomorrow.

  2. Depending on where on your spine the kink is, a table might help: put your hands on the edge of the table (but make sure it can’t tip over), prop yourself up, so that your arms are straight and carrying the weight of your body, while your body is hanging straight down (from your shoulders). Hope you feel better soon.

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