Happy Spine, Happy Life

I managed to get an emergency appointment with the chiropractor today.

And last night, while I was so busy not sleeping from the pain… I scoured Craigslist for any possible, affordable, marginally safe alternative to my current living situation. Two wrote me back today; one is a girl who in her add described herself as a yoga loving, raw/organic foodie, wholistic life coach… But, idk, weird vibe.

The second one, I realized after the fact, is at the extreme southern edge of our county, where I currently live ON the northern most border… But so far, he and I seem to have clicked. We’ve been texting for hours. Our priorities, personalities, perspectives and lifestyles seem to be naturally aligned. We are meeting tomorrow after practice, and if it still seems right, I will gladly take a 55min commute over my current, toxic situation. “Cross your arms and twist like ropes” that he’s not some sort of cyber freak in person.

The chiro was interesting, to say the least. She delivered an outstanding performance, provided all functions one would expect to receive from a chiropractic professional. She listened to what I had to say and responded appropriately. She seemed surprised that I could point out exactly places that were malaligned. I even showed her 3 that she hadn’t noticed herself… I spend A LOT of time staring at myself in the mirror!

She asked why I hadn’t mentioned my ribs. “Ribs, huh? Those are fine.” I say, as she proceeded to put them all back where they belonged. It made me feel all cool and Esak/Jedi Fight Club/Backbending-y.

Her Front Desk Agent (is that PC?) asked me, not once, but TWICE, if I was anorexic. I just kind of shrugged and confirmed. Then looked down just to check, I mean it’s true, I was in A LOT of pain when I woke up and didn’t pay much mind to my outfit… But I was still fairly certain I’d left my “I’m with ED” and “Ana’s Bitch” T-shirts home this morning.

When the chiro came in she said she wanted to do a little “experiment” and move my C2 just for fun, which she did. Then weighed me, backwards- did not let me look! And wants to see me again on Monday.

I was RAVENOUS by the time I made it home! I made polenta with salsa and queso cheese. It was my first time ever having or making polenta!!! I did look to see how much a serving was, but didn’t even think to read the rest of the label, or check how many calories. I didn’t write anything down either. I’m now in bed with the lights off, comfortable, relaxed, experiencing no panic or terror over the incomplete log entry. I also JUST realized, I didn’t cry when I was finished. I just ate it. Enjoyed it. Cleaned up, and got on with my night…

… Do you think it possible, that perhaps… She adjusted that stupid eating disorder right out of me?

Salsa polenta is yummy!


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