I met a girl named Teenie Yogini… She’s pretty cool

I 100% believe that the chiropractor’s little experiment on Wednesday was successful in altering the way I think about and interact with food.

I’ve spent the past 4 days shopping, cooking and relaxing. The grocery store was a non-issue. My weekly food challenge was finished all in 1 day. I cut up almost all of the veggies for my soup this week, made and ate food without crying ONCE! I conquered pizza and have not recorded a single meal or played with the scale once since getting adjusted. I’ve also been sleeping like a rock!

I feel like I just met myself. Everything is soooo new to me! There is soooooo much to experience. I am excited to try all of it!!!!

Yesterday, I made tons of stuff!!!

These are little grab and go polenta cakes. I cooked the polenta, poured it into the jumbo size cupcake tray, let it set a little, then used the back of a spoon to shape it up the sides and hollow out the middle some. The hollow part is filled with salsa, refried beans and cheese. I made a little cap, with more polenta, so they don’t spill, then stuck some jalapeño string cheese in the top to be cute.

I used the rest of the beans to pre make and freeze a bunch of burritos.

I also did Nutella and pesto polenta cakes. The Nutella ones were delicious, but they came out really soft and messy. Next time I will make them in mini jello molds or something, so they can just stay in individual containers.

I made soup.

I cut up almost all of the veggies myself! I only used frozen cauliflower, and pre cut carrots and onions. I reallllllly don’t like touching those!

Tiny orange tomatoes are the sweetest most wonderful thing ever!!!Try them some time, k?

I put the soup in mason jars, it’s SO cute!!!!

I pre made some breakfast smoothies. The small jars have oats in the bottom (to prevent sticking) strawberry and banana.

Next week the smoothies will go in the big jars because I just discovered I can screw those into the blender base!!! Sweetness!!

There are also some small jars of plain banana for ice cream making, and plain strawberries, because our refrigerator is only kind of working, and I didn’t want them to go bad.

Yesterday was challenging, in a lot of non-food or eating disorder ways that I feel it’s best not to blog about. I was surprised that when I finished, all I wanted to do was come home and cook. It was a relaxing way to unwind… Kind of like yoga, I just let my mind go, and trusted my body to do the work.


I feel like The Very Hungary Caterpillar- Eat and eat and eat and eat, and grow… And come out better in the end.



4 thoughts on “I met a girl named Teenie Yogini… She’s pretty cool

  1. Okay, I need to know more about the polenta cakes STAT. So, after you put them in the muffin tins, did you then bake them? Or do they just firm up at room temperature? I freaking love polenta and I pretty much never have it. I also think that the jalapeno string cheese was brilliant!

    I remain skeptical about the nutella/polenta combo.

    Oh, and the oats in your smoothie – I’ve never done that. Is it instant oatmeal or the old fashioned kind? How much? 1/4 cup?

    • We don’t have an oven. So, I just let them firm up- I stuck the tray in the freezer.

      Nutella + polenta = AMAZING! This morning, since I had time to make it on the stove, I put Nutella, peanut butter, hazelnut coffee, maple syrup and strawberries in it! It was YUMMY!

      Old fashioned oats, a little less than 1/4 cup. I tried 1/4 cup (which is a a serving), but it took up too much space. I’ve never tried adding them to smoothies, just saw it on Pinterest and needed a way to prevent sticking, so I’m just hoping it’s not disgusting.

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