Try-Food Challenge Week #3

This weeks Try Food Challenge was fun.

But first a brief update on yoga…. 😦
After 4 days off, no pain and lotttts if encouragement from the chiro, I practiced today.

Lets just say allll the angry may have evacuated my thoughts… But it took up residence in my body!!! I have never ever had such a horrible, painful class!!!! My hip asked if it could detach and run away. My knee was ready to join it… Even my toes and the top of my right foot locked up.

Please little demons move back into my mind and leave my yoga alone!


Good-bye Painful, Fat Yoga Monday. Please do not come back!!!

Ok. Glad I got that off my chest.

This weeks food challenge was


Kale, Leek and Uniq

I ate the Uniq by itself. And for a citrus with such a special name… It was quite unremarkable. Uniq is a hybrid between the tangerine and the grapefruit. Leave well enough alone, I say. It wasn’t bad. Just nothing special either.

I had fun with the kale


It went in the soup. My aunt and Gebi both said to make kale chips on my car dashboard… Next time.

And leek.
I didn’t take any pictures, it went in the soup too. It was like a giant scallion on steroids, with a tamer flavor. I like it.

Guess what Gebi wants me to try next!?!?!?




Have any of you eaten these guys? Tips? Advise? He said “just eat your lawn.” We don’t have any… Have you ever seen them to buy in the store?


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