I cook, and have strange yoga

My post chiropractic guinea pig life has been sooooo strange!!!!

The c2 is at the top of the spine, right under the brain stem. A lot takes place in c2 land. It shouldn’t be surprising that moving it seems to have altered more than just my relationship with food.

Tonight felt like I had never done yoga before. I mean, like as much as possible for me. Obviously, I know the sequence, I understand the foundations, and won’t (intentionally) skip steps just to appear to reach the maximum expression. I instinctively make eye contact with myself and stand quietly with palms forward between postures. And, I’m pretty sure that if I were ever in a coma or something I’d automatically lay with heels together toes fall out, elbows in close to the body, palms face up. Don’t think, don’t move, just focus on the breath, belly rise, belly fall.

But, even with all of that so deeply ingrained, the act of practicing felt new. I had to work hard to get the signals from my brain to my body. I couldn’t laugh as much because I was having to think SO hard about what I was doing. Kate was practicing (not teaching) she caught my eye a few times and reminded me to smile. It really does make everything easier… I bet that works outside the hot room too.

The other thing is, the adjustment may have cured my eating disorder… But my hips are still a holy mess!!! I had less pain today, than yesterday. It’s really frustrating not being able to do things that I could before. I’m working hard to pay attention to my body, be respectful, keep my ego in check and not push too hard.

I’m also having to deal with the physical and visual changes in my body as I explore and cultivate this very new interest in food. For months now, I’ve been maintaining a “normal” weight, but still with militant control, endless rules, anxieties and extremely limited in variety. Now… I don’t even remember most of the rules! I just want to try EVERYTHING! Especially something BLUE- yeah, idk, weird place inside my mind. I already took on pizza, blue foods are a very close second on the terror inducing list… I throw away blue M & M’s. Well, really, if we’re gonna be honest here, m&m’s make me gag, I can only eat the peanut butter kind. Texture. Maybe it’s time to just try m&m’s ??? Soooo much to experience!

I made polenta pizza

(That’s squash on top, not cheese)

I think I need to lay off the polenta some. I’m getting a big round corn belly.

And I made sweet dessert stir fry!!!

I suddenly, for the first time EVER, understand how people can love food!

I picked some sweeter veggies, drizzled with agave, cinnamon, brown sugar and spicy Creole (because I’m me) seasoning. Sooooo freaking good. Holy. Cow!!!!

Matcha tea is amazing.
Chocolate tea is amazing.
Red tea is amazing.
Coffee is good.

Coffee creamer is like the worlds greatest invention!
It’s good in matcha tea, chocolate tea, red tea, coffee, hot chocolate, alone. It’s totally full of chemical crap, and I don’t care. I aspire to glow pink in the dark. Perhaps, coffee creamer is unexceptional to most folks my age. But really, if you haven’t, try it some time!!!!!


I found out, it comes in FLAVORS!!!!

Oh, on flavors! Lots of foods are described by their flavor. I have pretty much zero idea what that means. I’m trying to taste all of the spices and extracts and stuff I can find to try and define/identify specific flavors for my mind…. Except most if those things are disgusting in isolation.


6 thoughts on “I cook, and have strange yoga

  1. Amazing! I am fasincated by your experience with the chiro and what is happening in your life now. I love polenta too by the way. I got polenta sticks that night we had dinner. I bet you could get them to leave the blue cheese off if you don’t like it. They were so delicious. 🙂

    • I’m soooo fascinated with all of this too! And completely shocked that there is ZERO scientific research.

      Blue cheese is scary… Just because it’s called BLUE. Haha, I’ve never tried it!

      • Hmmm…well maybe I won’t give you too much information about blue cheese. Maybe you should try it first and then I’ll fill you in on it! You could get it on the side and try dunking the polenta sticks in. Those polenta sticks are awesome. I think blue cheese is yummy, but the actual concept of what it is grosses me out.

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