Only anorexics do hot yoga

Everyone at work is making fun of me today. A bunch of my co-workers have joined a gym and work out together. One of them sits near me- we are back to back with the walkway between and she faces my supervisor.

Today the girl was saying she wanted a Monte Christo sandwich, but she has been working too hard at the gym and didn’t want to blow all her hard work.

I told her to try hot yoga, she could burn 1000 calories in 90 min, then have the sandwich. She seemed curious and asked more questions. I told her tomorrow it was free all day (First Friday Free), and offered her a free class card too. She took the card and thanked me.

But when I turned around and went back to work… They all started laughing and saying that they’d all die, and didn’t want to be “walking around looking all anorexic and shit like {me}.” Now, every time anyone complains about anything my supervisor says “just do hot yoga, and you can be anorexic like {me}”.

I’m not.

I’ve worked really hard. My weight is normal. My relationship with food is normal (ish). I’m getting there.

It’s not a joke. Some people die. Some are tormented forever.

I was just trying to be nice.


11 thoughts on “Only anorexics do hot yoga

  1. The twits and ignoroids need our compassion, Teenie. Not that it’s easy to do. All I can say is, that whatever is hopping around in their beady little minds has nothing to do with you. It can’t, because they’re completely enthralled by their own egos and can’t see any further. Sometimes an insensitive person will get it if their insensitivity is pointed out – maybe, maybe not – that’s why they’re called insensitive. If that doesn’t work, a copy of the federal law regarding hostile work environments left anonymously on the supervisor’s desk might bring about a little awakening.

    Whatever. You are doing great. You have a strong practice going, so please keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Your coworkers sound very immature and you should definitely ignore their behavior. I am actually appauled that this is the way your supervisor talks to you. Yoga is about more than just the physical benefits, there are many mental benefits as well and your coworkers will be missing out on these. I normally practice power vinyasa in a heated room, but you’ve inspired me to try a Bikram class soon! Good Luck with all your new foods. You are doing great!

    • I’m so excited to hear you are going to try some Bikram!!!! I’ve been trying to get brave enough to try some vinyasa, or convince someone who signs to go with me the first time.

      Thank you so much for leaving such kind words. It really made my night!


  3. That is inappropriate and work place harassment to be making light of such a serious situation. Way to hold strong and keep going. But seriously, you have every right to report it or complain.

  4. I’m far from anorexic and I get the same reply when I tell people to try Bikram yoga! They laugh and make fun because they have no idea what it is and are too scared to try something that could change their lives! Keep up the good work and I really enjoy reading your blog!
    -new blogger friend

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