Opening Doors



View from the front door

View from the bedroom window

Everything is little, like me!! I have never seen the top of a fridge before!!! (Well, not while standing on the ground anyway).

Barbie stove!!! I’ve never used an oven by myself before. I’m always too afraid I’ll lose my balance reaching over the door and fall on it. I also have a completely irrational fear of getting stuck inside- Hansel and Gretel style. I love that I absolutely do not fit in MY oven! I’m ready to learn to use it!!!


5 thoughts on “Opening Doors

  1. What a great first place! On water too.
    Thrilled seeing YOU holding the keys to your amazing journey.

    • I’m sooooo nervous!!!! But tonight? I left the gates open while I was making dinner, and Avery followed me around the kitchen/slept at my feet the whole time (The boys couldn’t have cared less). I think she needs this as much as I do.

      • She loves you. Maybe she senses a change coming. It’s hard to give equal love and attention. Even with two. Sometimes I think maybe I shouldn’t have got the pup. I mostly got her for Rusty. But being 5 and having his hip surgery when he was less than 1 year old, it’s hard for him to keep up. I treat him extra special, but then I feel Brandy’s missing out too.

        I know all of yours get their time with you, maybe she needs more. Now she will have that with you exclusively . It’s going to be good for the both of you.

        I didn’t get to write today. Is your email the same? I didn’t see your blog from lastnight till this morning. It made me feel very sad for you. I guess I never gave much thought to the formative years. Yours, mine anyone’s. You hear all the time about a persons upbringing affecting later life. Actually, until this morning, I felt that was a much over used excuse. You taught me something this morning to the contrary .
        Ok, it’s late. I hope you’re able to sleep.

      • E-mail is the same, or the one on my about page… It all goes to the same place.

        When John and Jarrett died in February, it lead my mom to look back and really evaluate the long term effects of the choices she made while in the same situation 14 years ago. It changed and defined all of us. She’s struggling to sort out the things that were successful from those that were not, and looking to me for reassurance. It’s different for me this time, none of us are still kids. I liked John, but he was not my dad, and I liked Jarrett but as Jordan’s older brother, not as my own friend. For her, the scenarios are identical; her partner, and her best friend’s son.

        So, these days, time with mom results in a great deal of analyzing the past’s impact on the future.

  2. I am so excited for you and your new home! There is nothing like having your own space to do with as you please. I really think it will be great for you, with your awesome new oven and fridge and freedom from the evil roommate!

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