My computer called me fat

I am having an epic melt down!!! I wish my desk wasn’t in the hallway!!!!
We have to do this company wellness thing, fill out a health survey thingy, then it assesses your health and sends you lessons.

Mine decided I have anorexia… It’s quick like that.

Now, it blows up my e-mail every Tuesday until I weigh in. Then it sends health and wellness lessons, supposedly specifically for my survey profile.

Today my BMI was 19.9 and it sent me an article on cutting calories!!!!

We will be having only water for the rest if the week!!!


15 thoughts on “My computer called me fat

  1. don’t listen to computers. They don’t know anything. They send you to places where they think they can get your money. One of the biggest markets is weight loss… not health. Don’t listen.
    Please don’t have just water. : /

  2. I agree with Millie!
    I signed on to tell you, I think your computer is the one having the major melt down!!!
    Delete and get on with your day. Lol.

  3. A friend of ours is finding out she has all sorts of food allergies. She has to keep cutting things out of her diet. She said she is now on the lettuce and dirt diet. That’s not much better than the water diet. Hey! I wonder if she can have peanut butter made out of coconuts? I’ll ask her.

  4. No no no, no water diet! What a stupid computer and what a stupid program from your work! 19.9 is so not even close to needing to cut calories, what BS that is. Sending positive vibes to get rid of the MV!

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