Hips improving!!!

**yesterday’s blog didn’t post**

I haven’t practiced since Saturdays HORRIBLE class… You know, the one where the teacher asked if I’d had too much to drink the night before?

When I went to the chiropractor on Monday, we used Andrea’s standing bow picture to discuss the physical mechanics of the posture, I pointed out the places that I have problems. Some, she was able to help work on like my crazy fingers. Others, I just need to develop myself… Like balance. The fingers of my reaching hand always point up, I CAN NOT flatten my hand, no matter how hard I try. This drives Kate BONKERS! oh my gosh! It’s such a tiiiiiiny detail, but sooo annoying, the minute I flatten out, I lose all of the force in my reach and fall on my face. When she finished laughing at me, Dr. J worked on my wrists, elbows and shoulders. I got cracked, massaged and cold laser-ed. Plus, we did our usual, brain, hips, knees and ribs (sing it, you know you want to “brain, hips, knees and ribs, knees and ribs…”) thing.

Today was the first time since we got back from nationals that I had NO hip pain, and actually had *more* flexiblity than I had before my joints all went nuts. My knees locked and elbows touched in hands to feet! Standing head to knee is still all hung up at “kick FROM the hip” maybe I’ll show that one to Dr. J next. My ears popped near the end of second set, making for a gnarly remainder of class.

My fingers were flat for Standing bow… But my equilibrium was sooo out of whack that it was like bow pulling in a dingy on the high seas, not exactly pretty AT ALL.

Remember, a few weeks ago, when I posted on Facebook for people to IM with in the evenings, instead of freaking out right after dinner? Well, one friend has really followed through. She is doing the coolest smoothie challenge right now! We are both on adventures towards better nutrition- not short term gaining or losing, but establishing maintainable healthy patterns for long term wellness. Tonight, her and her teen daughter joined me for class… I think they’re hooked!!! I invite everyone, all the time, it was pretty cool to actually have someone follow through!

I came home cold, took care of the mutts, showered, tried packing some more, played with the cats instead, I just remembered I’m supposed to have dinner at night, but the roommates are out in the kitchen. I’d rather starve.


4 thoughts on “Hips improving!!!

  1. That’s great! All these things will get better over time. It’s taken me about four months of working on strengthening my hips before I started to see noticeable changes in my standing bow. Hang in there!

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