Soda is disgusting.
I wish my mind would let me have some cold, fizzy, disgusting soda!


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  1. Maybe soda made from coconuts would be okay…? ha ha ha Hey – Do you know the book, Eat To Live? By Dr. Fuhrman? It’s excellent. The basis is high nutrition per calorie. He gives you tons of data. Very educational and convincing. High nutrition/calorie turns out to be pretty much vegan but I don’t think he uses that term. No processed foods, either. The whole point is to eat healthy, and he does a great, science and data based job of showing you how to do it.

    • Lucky you!!!
      I’m generally not a fan. But I tend to think the most bizarre things when it’s time to see the chiro. Lol.
      As soon as she finished I was over it. Had some leafy green bunny food with water for lunch and was totally satisfied.

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