My new life… And a poll

I spent today moving. Every trip back to the old house in the village was harder and harder, as much as I’ve cried about leaving for the past few weeks, now I don’t want to be here, like at all. Tonight is my last night in this house. Gabriel is having a cow, the roommate is screaming. Tomorrow, I just get to be done with all if it.

Me and Avery don’t have much “stuff” but we have each other. Last time I saw Brains, we talked about leaving all unnecessary crap behind, and restarting from a healthy, less disordered place.

**POLL: Is jumping on that little trampoline in the picture an ok/appropriate/healthy way to calm down?
So far:
SC says “I think so”
And Sensitive Storm says: “it’s… Strange”

I have SO Mmuch more to write, but I’m falling asleep and can’t keep my eyes open any more.


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