We did it!!!

I moved every single thing by myself.

Up the stairs.

In the pouring down rain.

Avery and I hauled the last load up at 2am, just as the rain was stopping.


Saying good-bye to Sam was hard. He sat outside my bedroom door moaning.
I cried the whole way back to our new place.

I was sore. And exhausted. And filthy.

I hung up the new shower curtain and we tried out the new shower- yes, mastiff and bendy in the tub together! I really like the shower curtain. There were pink ones, and Barbie ones, and Disney Princess ones… But I left all of the Barbie shoes in the village for a reason. PEACE and LOVE seemed like a good place to start. Plus, it has some pink, so we can get pink rugs and towels later.

After our shower,

We put on out monkey jammies and went to sleep.

I remembered to feed Avery, but not myself.

I had coffee creamer with some coffee when I got to work. Then got a snack.

I felt better after I did it.

(Eventually I did eat them)


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