Peaceful Dwelling

This morning, I woke up proud of me and Avery. I hate to be alone, and I’m painfully shy (unless you want to talk about Bikram or mastiffs). This may be brutally mundane for most, but it’s not something I ever thought I would be able to do.

When I got to work, the FORMER roommate started texting. So I logged into my wireless provider and blocked her number! After which she took to blowing up my work e-mail. At first I got really upset. She can say horrible things to me… But I realized, it doesn’t matter. She has zero influence over my life now. I deleted all of the e-mails without replying, then sorted my breakfast… Sometimes, I can’t help it.

I used to sit in my far for hours after work, or yoga, trying to calm myself down enough to go home. Just the word “home” has become anxiety inducing for me.

But, today, I came home on my lunch break to play with Avery!

I came right home after work to take care of a few things, and play with her some more before practice.

After yoga (I took the 7), I came home, showered, napped, then got up at midnight to fix dinner. This is how my body prefers to deal with yoga. It was never an option before, because of the roommates, and possibility of upsetting Gabriel. It felt good to do what was best for me, instead of falling asleep hungry.

I made pizza empanadas (in the gril


Since I had all of the stuff out, I made breakfast too

Peanut butter, Nutella and banana empanadas!

Avery likes not having gates all over the place and doing everything with me. She is lots of fun to cook with and keeps the floor spotless.

But she is kind of a bed hog.

And she snores.

I’m still awake.


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