Is that disordered???


I just fed my dinner to my dog, one spoonful at a time, on my MacBook…

Kate kicked my butt tonight.

Sweet dreams



9 thoughts on “Is that disordered???

  1. So, was it important to use the mac to feed your dog, or would something else have been okay?

    Oh, yeah. A friend of ours at the farmers market makes cheese. She’s really good at it; she’s won awards. But we’re vegan, my wife and I, so we don’t eat cheese. We buy her cheese and give it to friends. So now she has this great vegan “cheese” spread she’s come up with and it’s delicious – we buy some every week. Love it. And guess what I’ve just learned, Teenie… I bet you can guess. That’s right. She makes it out of coconuts. Yep. Coconuts.

      • Whew! ‘Cause needing to feed the dog from a mac would be a whole new category of compulsiveness! Oh, and the coconut cheese fake is delicious. We buy it on Saturday and it’s gone by Sunday. Yumm!

      • Okay. Do what you need to do, Teenie. But I wouldn’t tell people about this. At least not until you know them pretty well. And if anybody ever walks in on you while you’re feeding your dog… well…

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